Support for SIPPO countries

Business Support Organizations open the doors to world trade through their services to exporters.

We support BSOs to improve their services for exporting companies, and to strengthen their own institutional set-up, as well as connect them to an extensive network.

Trade Promotion Academy (TPA)

The TPA is an exciting e-learning platform that allows the continuous acquisition and improvement of core export promotion, market access knowledge and institutional development. It also helps to consolidate existing knowledge through the exchange with peers. Join the Trade Promotion Academy now! 

Access to Global Trade Helpdesk

SIPPO provides access to the Global Trade Helpdesk. This is a single platform which allows to track changes in demand, export potential, tariffs and regulatory requirements and which allows BSOs to provide evidence-based guidance to firms much faster.

Strategic planning

Learn to define your role in export promotion within your sector and country through a strategic and focused approach. 

Knowledge Management & Networking

Learn how to access, share and update knowledge and information to build your activities on the existing knowledge and experience. Profit from our large network of contacts. We facilitate networking events and invite to conferences and workshops.

Project & Performance Management

We help you assess, and provide tools for, your performance management.

Market Access Activities

Learn which markets to target and how to connect your companies with suppliers, through the organization of trade fair participations, selling and buyer missions, study tours, and combining them with on-site visits.


SIPPO Import Promotion Forum 2022

Hall 7, Basel or via livestream 02.06.2022

Bridging the Gap.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management of SMEs – Financing Needs and Solutions 

Time, 16:00 - 18:30 hrs