Digital transformation is moving fast and has considerably impacted world trade. SIPPO addresses digitalisation in 3 domains.

Digital tools: capacity development for BSOs through digital tools
Our goal for the SIPPO Programme is to support our Partner Business Support Organisations (BSO) in 3 areas of Digitalisation:

  1. Development and delivery of digital export promotion services
  2. Organisational development through the effective use of digital tools
  3. Network and Cooperation development to access digitalisation know-how

SIPPO uses digital tools to support the capacity development of BSOs and provides them with digital tools such as the Trade Promotion Academy (TPA) that empower them to conduct their own capacity development activities.

Digital platforms: connecting BSOs with importers networks
Digital platforms are an effective means to connect BSOs with Swiss and European importer networks. SIPPO supports the adherence of BSOs to digital platforms to connect them with relevant importer networks. SIPPO also facilitates the setup of such platforms through the use of digital tools.

Digitalisation and automation: making SIPPO more efficient
SIPPO invests in the digitalisation and automation of the programme’s internal processes to ensure the sustainability (as durability) of the programme’s impact and to work efficiently and effectively. SIPPO employs staff with adequate digital literacy and builds and fosters a network of consultants specialised in digitalisation of trade promotion services.