Value-added Textiles

In clothing and textiles, customers are not just purchasing brand names. They want a broad variety and excellent quality, and for this they are willing to pay a high price. They also want to be able to to trace the origins of their products and the conditions under which they were manufactured.

Portfolio differentiation for clothing and textile importers is expanding, whether the product is:

  • machine- or hand-stitched
  • natural or synthetic
  • nylon, polyester, linen, cotton, natural wool or silk
  • a short or long stitch
  • woven, knitted, or crocheted
  • garments, home fabrics or functional and technical textiles

Ensure that as an importer your products are fashionable in every way, while also being sustainable.

SIPPO works in the textile sector in Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Vietnam and Morocco. Take advantage of this game-changing potential by being connected to our partner BSOs.