Featuring a positive investment climate and situated only 14 kilometers from Europe, Morocco actively promotes key sectors such as fisheries, processed foods and value-added textiles.

Fish and seafood

Morocco exports fish and seafood to more than 140 countries. Aquaculture still plays a secondary role, while Moroccan exporters in the future will be subject to more stringent requirements and certifications. Therefore, the national “Halieutis Plan” is supporting the sector until 2020, in order to ensure sustainable production.

Processed foods

Morocco offers its own products, that meet the global demand trend for healthier foods, organic certification and sustainable production of items such as preserves, fruit juices, capers and argan and olive oil.

Value-added textiles

Morocco produces trousers, shorts, work clothing, jumpers, shirts, T-shirts, and women’s fashion. Whether manufacturing with cotton, synthetic fibres or polyester, hand-knitted or machine-sewn, the Moroccan textile industry offers variety and continues to boom under the “2025 Moroccan Textile Plan”, as well as through new industrial parks.