The current government is working toward a business-friendly climate. Regulations and administrative hurdles to exports are being removed and Indonesia’s economy is becoming more competitive.

Natural ingredients

Cocoa products and spices are Indonesian best-sellers. Traditional herbs are deeply rooted in the country’s cosmetics industry. Indonesia is also a global player in the production of hydrocolloids and thickening agents. Learn more about other speciality products.

Technical wood

Only certified wood is good enough. The Indonesian wood sector is catching up in this regard and now offers more and more certified products made from raw materials harvested at plantations. Quickly growing light wood varieties from certified plantations, and including sengon, jabon, rubber, balsa and bamboo, offer sustainable options to importers.

Fish and seafood

Be very careful while selecting the origin and production of Indonesian aquaculture products. Select aquacultures for carrageenan algae and a SECO-financed sustainability project (SMART-Fish) offer opportunities for sustainable supply chains to protect biodiversity.