Bosnia and Herzegovina

Close to important markets, with a well-trained workforce and steady production: Bosnia and Herzegovina offers good options to importers of natural ingredients, value-added textiles, or technical wood.

Natural ingredients

Bosnia and Herzegovina is experiencing a boom in natural ingredients for food and health: porcini, morels, immortelle (helichrysum or sage), fennel, arnica, and processed chestnuts and pine nuts. The country is especially interesting due to its medicinal and aromatic plants.

Value-added textiles

Bosnia and Herzegovina boasts a longstanding tradition of high quality and has a good reputation in manfacturing clothing, textiles and shoes. A well-trained workforce and proximity to European markets offer further advantages to importers of high-value products.

Technical wood

Increasing demand for sustainability and the ability to offer FSC-certified wood for the nearby EU market make importing from this country attractive. Domestic producers offer a good price-performance ratio for value-added wood products in various segments.