Services for SIPPO countries

We help BSOs to improve their services for exporting companies, help them strengthen their own institutional set-up and connect them to an extensive network.

In our partner countries, we build the capacities of Business Support Organizations (BSOs), such as export promotion boards and sector-wide associations. We will support them so that they can provide high-quality services to their client companies and members in the areas of market intelligence, B2B matchmaking, and networking. In this way, we help to embed export promotion within national structures of our partner countries while supporting reliable sources for your benefit.

SIPPO works with partners that are committed to the sustainable trade of goods and services, i.e. socially responsible and environmentally friendly, in accordance with ourĀ Code of Conduct.

Access to Global Trade Helpdesk

SIPPO provides access to the Global Trade Helpdesk. This is a single platform which allows to track changes in demand, export potential, tariffs and regulatory requirements and which allows BSOs to provide evidence-based guidance to firms much faster.